Applications of Ultrasound | Sound | Class IX

  1. Ultrasonic waves are used to establish ship-to-ship communication.
  2. Ultrasonic waves are used to determine the depth of a sea. It is done with the help of a SONAR.
  3. Ultrasonic waves are used for cleaning the hidden parts of an instrument. The instrument or device whose hidden parts are to be cleaned is dipped in a liquid. The ultrasonic waves are passed through this liquid. These waves forces the dirt or any other impurity out from the parts of the instrument which can not be approached directly.
  4. Ultrasonic waves are used for welding plastic. Two plastic surfaces are pressed against each other. Then ultrasonic waves are allowed to fall at a point where plastic surfaces are in contact. These waves produce heat energy. This heat energy binds the two plastic surfaces together.
  5. Ultrasonic waves are used for diagnosing the diseases in human body. Different parts of the body like bone, fat muscles and liquid have different reflective properties. Ultrasonic waves are allowed to fall on the portion of the body of a patient to be diagonsed. These waves are reflected back by the different parts (like bones, tissues, liquids and muscles etc.) of that portion of the body in different manners. The varying echoes are recorded for analysing that part of the body. The method used for diagonosing the different part of a human body with the help of the ultrasonic waves is known as ultrasonography.
  6. Ultrasonic waves are used to kill bacteria in liquids. Thus, the liquids like milk can be preserved for a longer period of time.
  7. Ultrasonic waves are used to find faults and cracks in metals. Ultrasonic waves are thrown on a metal under investigation. The beam of ultrasonic waves reflected by the metal is investigated. The intensity of the ultrasonic waves reflected from the fault or a crack is different from the intensity of the waves reflected from the other part of metal. Thus, the position of the fault or a crack in the metal can be easily located. In fact, the picture of the metal produced by the reflection of ultrasonic waves is taken on the screen or the monitor. By analysing this picture, the position of the crack or fault in the metal is detected.
  8. Ultrasonic waves are also used to analyse the development of an unborn child. Any abnormality in the growth of an unborn child can be detected by observing the picture taken by ultrasound.

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