Biodiversity | Class IX

  • Biodiversity tiodiversity means the diversity of life forms.
  • There are about ten million species in the planet.
  • At present scientific names have been given to more than 1.7 million living species.
  • Out of these, ovi a million are insects. More than 50% of living species exists in tropical rain forests which are sti unexplored.
  • The warm and humid tropical regions of earth, between tropic of Cancer and the tropic c Capricorn are rich in biodiversity.
  • More than half of biodiversity is concentrated in countries like Brazi. Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, India, Madagascar, Australia, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • It is further interesting to note that rain forests cover not more than 80% of total land area but show the presence of large diversity of life. People all over the world are very much worried about preservatioi of such forests.

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