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Separation of Substances | Notes | Class 6

Pure Substances: Many substances around us contain only one type of constituent particles. Elements and compounds are pure substances. Some of the pure substances are iron, copper, water, salt, etc. Impure Substances: Substances containing more than one type of constituent particles are called impure substances. Some of the impure substances are pond Read more…


The Flower | Science | Worksheet | Grade 6

i. Tick the most appropriate answer. a. Flowers are generally attached to the stem through a stalk called the a petiole.               b. filament.            c pedicel.            d. plumule. b.The calyx consists of a. sepals.              b. stamens.           c. anthers.              d. petals. c. Which of the following consists of petals that are usually Read more…

Body Movements | Grade 6

Movements: A change in the position of any object is called movement. Many movements take place in our body and also in other organisms’ body. Locomotion: When movement results in change of position of the whole organism, it is called locomotion. Examples of Movements in the Human Body: Movement of eyelids Movement Read more…