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Nutrition in Plants | Extra Question Solution | Class 7

Question 1: The life porcess/processes that provides/provide energy is/are (a) nutrition (b) respiration (c) both nutrition and respiration (d) response to stimuli. Solution: (c) both nutrition and respiration Nutrition is the process of obtaining food and utilising it, and respiration is the oxidation of food for obtaining energy. Question 2: Read more…


Nutrition in Animals | Grade 7

Plants make their food by the process of photosynthesis, but animals cannot make their food themselves. Animals get their food from plants. Some animals eat plants directly while some animals eat plant eating animals. Thus, animals get their food from plants either directly or indirectly. This food is brokendown in Read more…

Nutrition in Ruminants

A plant-eating animal that brings back swallowed food into the mouth to chew it again is called a ruminant and the process is called rumination. steps: Ingestion: Ingestion The food is ingested with the help of the tongue and chewed. Ruminants have sharp incisors and large molars to bite and Read more…