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The following are the various causes of depletion of wildlife:

  1. Habitat loss
  2. Climate changes
  3. Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals
  4. Hunting and poaching
  5. Natural Phenomenon
  6. Pollution

Habitat loss

Habitat is a place where living and non-living organism lives. Sometimes the cause of depletion of wildlife is the loss of their habitat that is the place where they live and develop. For example: Elephant lives in forest and if the forest is destroyed, the habitat of elephant gets destroyed. Also, the number of elephants decreases.

Climate Change

Climate change (like sudden changes in environment) can actually cause disastrous loss of wildlife. Thereby, habitat of different kinds of plants and animals gets destroyed. We need optimum temperature for survival. For example: A slight drop or rise in average rainfall will lead to seasonal changes that can harm hibernating mammals.

Pesticides and toxic chemicals

The use of pesticides or other chemicals can harm wildlife as they are toxic. For example: Petroleum by products, Antifreeze etc.

Hunting and Poaching

Unregulated hunting and poaching can harm wildlife. Due to this the number of wildlife animals will decrease.

Natural phenomenon

Natural phenomenon like Floods, Earthquakes, Volcanoes etc can also harm wildlife.


Pollution released in environment are ingested by variety of organisms. Pollution can be fatal. Hence, we can say that pollution is harmful for wildlife.



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