Chemistry | Class XII

  • Units & Weightage of Marks for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

Units & Weightage of Marks for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry


Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry

  • Some students fail to score good in Chemistry and the major reason behind this is the fear from chemistry. It is always advised to the students to get rid of the chemistry-phobia from their minds. Chemistry is one of the easy subjects of Science if you concentrate and practice consistently the topics.
  • Noting down the important topics for reasoning such as the ‘P block elements, d & f block elements’
  • Practice the Adsorption isotherm, Raoult’s Law,Packing fraction,Molar mass determination, as these are the topics which carry maximum questions
  • Practice solving a minimum of five numerical everyday from the chapters like Physical chemistry, Organic and Inorganic chemistry. Make note of preparing from Sample papers for class 12 and CBSE previous year papers.
  • It is always advised to prepare for the conceptual questions on Numerical as it can let you have the better understanding of the concept and strengthen the knowledge and grip on the subject.
  • Important chapters for CBSE class 12 board Chemistry exams: The last chapters; Polymers,Bio-molecules and Chemistry in Everyday are the simplest ones and carry 10 marks, and shall be prepared initially while doing last minute preparation. The “p-Block Elements” carries 8 marks and has to be prepared well. Surface Chemistry is one of the important part and carries at least 3-4 question and also being asked in the competitive exams.

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