Functions and Modifications of Roots | Class VI

The root has the following important functions:

Anchorage: It holds the plant in place in the soil, thus preventing it from being blown away by strong winds.

Absorption: It absorbs water and minerals from the soil.

Transport: Roots transport water and minerals from the soil to the stem.

Storage: Modified roots store food in them.

Modifications of the root
In some plants roots perform some special functions. Such roots are called modified roots.

Storage of food: Roots like carrot, radish and turnip are fleshy because they store food in them. This food is also relished by us as a vegetable.

Support:  The long and thick roots of some trees hanging down from branches e.g. banyan tree. In a banyan tree some roots grow from the branches of the tree and give support to the tree. Such roots are called prop roots.

Climbers, e.g., money plant has climbing roots which help the plant to climb and hold on to a support.


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