In the Kingdom of Fools | Moments- Word Meanings | Class 9

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  1. Idiots: the people who are not intelligent
  2. Till: here, to cultivate land for farming
  3. Stirring: moving around
  4. guru: saint
  5. amazed: shocked and surprised
  6. duddu – money in Kannada language
  7. pursuing: follow
  8. ancient trade: refers to theft there
  9. summoned - To call upon someone
  10. Bricklayer: is a person who lays the bricks and built the walls
  11. Goldsmith is a person who makes ornaments out of gold.
  12. scoundrel: a dishonest person
  13. accusation: to blame someone
  14. bailiffs: a law officer who makes sure that the decisions of a court are obeyed.
  15. stake: a post with a sharp, pointed end used to pierce through something
  16. execution: an official killing of someone
  17. impaling: to push a sharp pointed post through something
  18. decree: order
  19. scrape: a difficult situation that one has got into
  20. clamour: to Insist on something
  21. Ascetic life is the life of a sanyasi, a strict life, life of discipline
  22. postpone: to put off something for a later time
  23. disguised: a different appearance in order to hide one’s identity
  24. panic: fright
  25. persuade: convince



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