Indian farming Vs U.S.A farming | Class VIII

Question: Write the difference between farming style of USA AND INDIA.

Answer: There are many differences in Indian farming and US farming methods.

1. India is basically an agriculture-based country with 80% of its population in rural areas, whereas in the US, only a small number of people are involved in farming.

2. The average farm holdings in the India are of small sizes (2-3 hectares), whereas in the US, the farm holdings are large (250 hectares).

3. Most of the Indian farmers are uneducated or receive basic education in the village schools, whereas in the US, the farmers are mostly well educated and keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the agriculture field.

4. Indian farming is labor intensive and traditional methods of farming like plowing is used, whereas, in the US, heavy and advanced machinery is used for farming which is capital intensive.

5. Indian farming is weather dependent and farmers grow only 2-3 crops per year. In the US, the farmers use scientific techniques like soil testing etc. and grow multiple crops throughout the year.

6. The US farmlands give bigger returns to the farmer when compared to the Indian farmlands.


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