Main features of Pteridophyta | Class IX

  • The plant body is divided into root, stem and leaves.
  • These are non-flowering, vascular and spore bearing plants.
  • The sporophyte is the conspicuous and familiar plant body.
  • It develops from the zygote, a diploid cell which results from the fertilization of the egg and antherozoid.
  • The branching of the stem may be of monopodial or dichotomous type.
  • The sporophytes reproduce by spores which are produced within sporangia.
  • The sporangium is large and massive; the wall is several cells thick and the spore content is high.The sporangium wall and the stalk, as well as the spores are derived from the oute.
  • It grow luxuriantly in moist tropical and temperate forests.
  • This plant group forms a connecting link between non-vascularlower group plant.
  • Several species of the pteridophytes possess medicinal properties and indeed.

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