Metals and NonMetals | Class 10

Comparison of physical and chemical properties of metals and non – metals:-

S.No Property Metals Non-Metals
1 Physical State Metals are solid at room
temperature. Except mercury and gallium.
Non-metals generally
exist as solids and gases, except Bromine.
2 Melting and boiling points Metals generally have
high and except gallium and cesium.
Non-metals have low and except diamond and graphite.
3 Density Generally high. Generally low.
4 Malleability and Ductility Malleable and ductile. Neither malleable nor
5 Electrical and thermal conductivity Good conductors of heat
and electricity.
Generally poor
conductors of heat and electricity except graphite.
6 Luster Poses shining luster. Do not have luster
except iodine.
7 Sonorous sound Give sonorous sound
when struck.
Does not give
sonorous sound.
8 Hardness Generally hard except
Na, K
Solid non-metals are
generally soft except diamond.

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