Neuromuascular transmission

  • Neuromuscular Transmission Is the synapse between axons of motor neurons and skeletal muscle.
  • Neurotransmitter released is Ach and the receptor on the postsynaptic membrane contains a nicotinic receptor.
  • Ach diffuses and bind to Nicotinic receptor causing an increase in conductance of Na+ and K+ (ligand gated channel).
  • Even at rest, small quanta of acetylcholine are always released : miniature endplate potential.
  • The orderly arrangement of neuromuscular junction is maintained by proteins called neurexins.
  • EPSP: are inputs that depolarize postsynaptic membrane, closer to threshold and produce action potential 1 by opening of Na+ channels} {Ach, NE, E, dopamine, glutamate and serotonin}.
  • IPSP: inputs that hyperpolarize the postsynaptic cell {by opening of CI- channels {GABA, Glycine}.

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