PRIDE Method of Communication | MBA

This method is a combination of discipline and creativity and is a guide to affective communication. PRIDE is and acronym for five “how – to” elements for skillful planning and carrying out any oral or written communication.

P. The purpose that the sender is trying to achieve : the target of mission of the communication. Unless you know your exact purpose, communication failure is automatic.

R. The receiver (or receivers) to whom the communication is directed : the willingness and ability of the reader or listener to understand and accept your message. You must know the psychology and competence of the receiver in order to get anything across to him.

I. The impact which is needed: how your communication must affect the receiver if you are to achieve your purpose and influence him as needed. In other words, you must know what picture you want into the receiver’s head.

D. The design of the communication: how it should be organized and develop to achieve the desired impact. Obviously, you must design your communication in light of the specific situation your confront.

E. The execution of communication : the actual carrying out of your plan from the four preceding steps) to a successful conclusion, Even if you have succeeded in planning purpose, recognizing the receiver, knowing the needed impact and constructing the appropriate design, communication will fall unless it is properly carried out.

The proper use of PRIDE can help in developing method useful throughout the life once this method is learnt and its sequence become habitual.


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