Class X | Reflexes

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  • Reflexes are our involuntary,unconsciously, automatic response of effectors like muscles and gland to stimuli.
  • Its nervous coordination.
  • Monitored through the spinal cord.
  • When triggered by a stimulus, the nerves transmit massages to the spinal cord
  • Which responds by initiating an appropriate action to the stimulus through the sensory and motor nerve impulses.

Some common examples of reflexes:

  • Blinking of eyes in response to a foreign particle that has entered into the eyes.
  • Sneezing and coughing, if any unwanted particle enters into the nose or throat.
  • Withdrawal of the leg by a person walking barefeet if happens to step on a nail.
  • Immediate withdrawal of hand if a person touches a hot object unknowingly.

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Wonderful blog post and certainly will help with becoming familiar with the subject better.

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