Sustainable Water Management | Grade 10

‘Save water’ campaigns are essential to make people everywhere aware of the dangers of water scarcity. A number of measures need to be taken for the better management of the world’s water resources. These include measures such as:

  • Building several small reservoirs instead of few mega projects.
  • Develop small catchment dams and protect wetlands.
  • Soil management, micro catchment development and afforestation permits recharging of underground aquifers thus reducing the need for large dams.
  • Treating and recycling municipal waste water for agricultural use.
  • Preventing leakages from dams and canals.
  • Preventing loss in Municipal pipes.
  • Effective rain water harvesting in urban environments.
  • Water conservation measures in agriculture such as using drip irrigation.
  • Pricing water at its real value makes people use it more responsibly and efficiently and reduces water wasting.
  • In deforested areas where land has been degraded, soil management by bunding along the hill slopes and making ‘nala’ plugs, can help retain moisture and make it possible to re-vegetate degraded areas.

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