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Environmental Issues | Revision Notes | Class 12

With increase in human population, demands for food, shelter, water, electricity, roads, and automobiles are increasing rapidly and exerting pressure on environment and altering the natural health of ecosystem. All across the world, people are facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems every day. Some of them are- Read more…


Conservation of Plants and Animals | Revision Notes | Science | Class 8

Quick Revision: Biosphere: Part of the Earth that supports life is called the biosphere. It is here that all living organisms exist. Biodiversity: Variety of organisms that exist on the Earth, their interrelationships, and their relationship with their environment is called the Biological Diversity and the Biodiversity. Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a protected area Read more…

Deforestation | Class X

Deforestation is destruction, reduction or removal of forest cover. There are so many reasons for defore but all lead to the destruction of biotic potential of land or desert formation. ‘The main reasons for deforestation are as follows: Indiscriminate felling (i.e., cutting) of trees for the purpose of timber, fuel Read more…