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Chemistry | Quiz | Class X

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The Flower | Science | Worksheet | Grade 6

i. Tick the most appropriate answer. a. Flowers are generally attached to the stem through a stalk called the a petiole.               b. filament.            c pedicel.            d. plumule. b.The calyx consists of a. sepals.              b. stamens.           c. anthers.              d. petals. c. Which of the following consists of petals that are usually Read more…

Control & Coordination | Test | Class 10

1. Multiple Choice Questions                                                                                                       1 x 5 = 5 The gap between two neurons is called dendrite synapes axon impuls The brain is responsible for thinking Regulating the heartbeat. Balancing the body. All of the above. Which part of the brain coordinates motor activities? Cerebrum Cerebellum Pons Medulla The seat Read more…