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Agriculture | Worksheet | SST | Class 8

Q1 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: 1.Extraction of metals from ores is a activity. a. primary      b. secondary      c. tertiary       d. none of these 2. __________ is practised in the densely populated parts of the world, primarily the rainfall-rich regions. a. Intensive subsistence agriculture b. Primitive subsistence agriculture c. Nomadic Read more…


Resources | Worksheet | SST | Class 8

Q.1 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: Utility means ____________ of a substance. worth      b. value         c. usability         d. all of these Metals and minerals which are found only in some specific places are called_________ resources. ubiquitous      b. biotic         c. non-renewable         d. localised Resources whose period of renewal is much longer than the Read more…