Part 1 - Evenlyn Glennie Listens to Sound without Hearing it by Deborah Cowley.

    1. jostle: push roughly
    2. slight: small and thin
    3. daunting: frightening, Scary
    4. teenager: a person who is in his teens
    5. aspiring musician: a person who wants to be a musician
    6. Profoundly deaf: absolutely deaf.
    7. gradual: in phases
    8. conceal: to hide
    9. Specialist: a doctor specializing in a particular part of the body.
    10. Deteriorated: worsened, reduces
    11. Urged:  requested
    12. impaired: weakened
    13. pursue:  to follow

  1. xylophone: a musical instrument with a row of wooden bars of different lengths
  2. percussionist: a person who plays the drum, the tabla, etc, a person who play different musical instruments
  3. potential: quality or ability that can be developed
  4. youth: Young people, people like who are in college or high school
  5. orchestra: group of musicians
  6. auditioned: gave a short performance so that the director could decide whether she was good enough
  7. orchestral work: group performance, performing in a group of musicians
  8. Solo: to perform single, alone.
  9. most sought after: most popular, in demand
  10. intriguing: fascinating and curious
  11. flawlessly: without a fault or mistake
  12. lilt: a way of speaking like we say accent
  13. tingles: causes a slight pricking or stinging sensation
  14. resonances: echoes of sounds
  15. workaholic (informal): a person who finds it difficult to stop working
  16. enormous   - big
  17. accomplished: achieved

Part 2 - The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan 

  1. banned: prohibited
  2. shrill: very sharp
  3. unpleasant:  something that you dislike
  4. generic name: a name given to a class or group as a whole
  5. Generic name means the scientific name or a broad classification of something
  6. reeded: wind instruments which have reeds like the flute, the clarinet, etc.
  7. revived: brought back to live.
  8. tonal quality: sound
  9. hollow: empty from inside.
  10. auspicious: promising to bring good fortune
  11. indispensable: without which a piece of work cannot be done, something which is necessary
  12. Ensembles (pronounced ‘onsomble’): things (here, instruments) considered as a group
  13. Laddu or laddoo are sphere-shaped sweets originated in the Indian subcontinent.
  14. paternal ancestors: ancestors of the father
  15. Captivated: attracted
  16. on end: for a very long time without stopping, continuously
  17. apprentice: trainee
  18. haunt: place you like come, where you like to visit many times a day
  19. solitude: being alone, single
  20.  recital: performance
  21. taken in by: attracted or charmed by
  22. souvenirs: things given in memory of a place, person or event
  23. chartbuster: record breaker
  24. celluloid: old fashioned way of referring to films
  25. venture: project that often involves risk, something which has a lot of risk
  26. Emphasis: to lay stress on something
  27. thick and fast: he got a lot of awards and was recognized at many places
  28. conferred: given, usually an award or a degree
  29. coveted: much desired
  30. replicating: making a copy of something
  31. yearning – longing, having a desire for something
  32. devout: believing strongly in a religion and obeying its laws and following its practices


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