Usase of Non-Metals | Metals and Non-Metals | Class X


  • Carbon in the form of graphite is used in electrodes in dry cells and electric arcs because it is good conductor of electricity.
  • Graphite is used for making lubricants and lead of pencils because it is slippery in nature and can make mark on paper.
  • Graphite is used for making high temperature crucibles because of its high melting point.
  • Carbon in the form of diamond, is used for making jewellery due to its brilliance.
  • Diamond is used for making tools for cutting and grinding and also for removal of cataract by surgeons because it is very hard and has sharp edges.


  • It is used in skin ointments, spray for fruit trees against pests and diseases because of its fungicidal and insecticidal nature.
  • It is used in vulcanisation of rubber, manufacturing of dyes, fireworks, gun powder and sulphuric acid.


  • It is used for preparing iodised common salt.
  • It is used to prepare Tincture of Iodine, which can be used as an antiseptic.


  • It is used in respiration and is supporter of combustion.


  • It is used for manufacturing matchsticks, rat poisons, phosphoric add and phosphate fertilisers.


  • It is used for manufacturing fertilisers, ammonia and nitric acid.
  • Liquid nitrogen is used to preserve blood, cornea and body organs.


  • It is used for disinfecting water and manufacturing bleaching powder, PVC pipes and plastics.


  • It is used in extraction of metals such as copper, lead and tin.
  • It is used for manufacturing ammonia gas.

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