Uses of graphlte | Class X

i. Due to Its softness, powdered graphite Is usedes a lubricant for the fast moving pads of Machinery. Since graphite is non-volatile, it can be used for lubricating those machine pans which operate at very high temperatures (where ordinary oil lubricants cannot be used), Graphite can be used as a dry lubricant in the form of graphite powder or mixed with petroleum jelly to form graphite grease.

2. Graphite Is a good conductor of electricity due to which graphite is used for making carbon electrodes or graphite electrodes in dry cells and electric arcs. The black coloured ‘anode’ of a dry cell is made of graphite. The carbon brushes of electric motors are also made of graphite.

3. Graphite is used for making the cores of our pencils called ‘pencil leads’ and black paints. Graphite is black in colour and quite soft. So, it marks black lines on paper.


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