Water harvesting is an age-old concept in India | Grade 10

They are called as:

  • Khadins, tanks and nadis in Rajasthan,
  • Bandharas and tals in Maharashtra,
  • Bundhis in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, ahars and pynes in Bihar,
  • Kulhs in Himachal Pradesh,
  • Ponds in the Kandi belt of Jammu region, and
    Eris (tanks) in Tamil Nadu,
  • Surangams in Kerala, and
  • Kattas in Karnataka are some of the ancient water harvesting, including water conveyance, structures still in use today.

Water harvesting techniques are highly locale specific and the benefits are also localized. Giving people control over their local water resources ensures that mismanagement and over-exploitation of these resources is reduced.


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